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The motto for the Holland Codes.com is “Helping Others Improve Their Lifestyles”.

One of the subsidiaries of the Learning for Life Resource Center is Hollandcodes.com.

Hollandcodes.com specializes in information on Holland Codes, Holland codes career games, career assessments, bingo cards, and occupational posters.

Background Information

Since 1998, the Learning for Life staff members have been –

  • Workshop presenters, career consultants, and educational services consultants
  • Curriculum conventions exhibitors at homeschool, private school, and charter school conventions

At Learning for Life, we have created career planning workshop material and transparencies for adults, students, teachers, and counselors.

Across the state of Arizona, we have conducted exploring holland codes, careers, and college majors workshops.

The Learning for Life Resource Center provides information about –

  • Career exploration
  • College major exploration
  • Career planning

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