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New Improved MBTI!

Are you looking for an inventory that will match your personality to potential careers? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is

  • Most widely used personality assessment in the world – more than 2 million assessments worldwide each year.
  • Reliable, valid, versatile, and dependable – Used for more than 50 years

The results from the MBTI® produces the 16 types –

  1. ISTJ
  2. ISFJ
  3. INFJ
  4. INTJ
  5. ISTP
  6. ISFP
  7. INFP
  8. INTP
  9. ESTP
  10. ESFP
  11. ENFP
  12. ENTP
  13. ESTJ
  14. ESFJ
  15. ENFJ
  16. ENTJ

New!!!! MBTI Step II™ (Form Q) has 144 items

(including the 93 Step I  M items)

  • Is available online, takes approximately 35 minutes to complete
  • Drills
    down to a finer level of detail to explore how individuals of the same
    personality type may express their personality differently
  • Provides individuals’ 4-letter Myers-Briggs personality type code plus results on 20 facets of that type
  • Provides in-depth development actions across a range of important individual issues
  • Generates two reports: Profile and Interpretive Report

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Q Interpretive Report

  •  Offers personalized tips for professional development
  • A full page each is devoted to applying results to communicating, making
    decisions, managing change, and managing conflict.
  • The report describes your style in these four areas and suggests ways of using that
    style more effectively.
  • The Step II™ Interpretive Report is a highly personalized narrative
    and graphical report that helps clients understand their MBTI® Step I™
    and Step II™ results.
  • The 17-page report then applies those results to
    four important components of professional development: communication,
    decision making, change management, and conflict management.

Features & Benefits

  • Refreshed to be more engaging and user-friendly
  • Graphically enhanced to illustrate facet results
  • Graphs each of the 20 Step II™ facet results, with descriptions to
    help clients better understand their meaning, and integrates the results
    with their Step I results.

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Career Personality Inventory

Based on the MBTI personality types

Career Personality Inventory

The Career Personality Inventory is –

  • Self- scoring, self-interpreting, consumable, no other components needed
  • Comparable results to the MBTI
  • Match personality types to careers, work styles, skills, work environments, and work preferences with this easy-to-use assessment
  • Is based on the MBTI personality types

The CPI uses a simple and innovative testing method requiring test takers to –

  • Simply circle words that describe them
  • Total the number of descriptors circled

The CPI then helps users consider how their personality relates to their careers by focusing on their top two traits.

Users can match their personality types to careers and work preferences.

Clients then use the career planning guide and worksheet to set goals and start their career research.

Valid and reliable, the CPI provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative to any organization using similar but more expensive personality inventories.

Product type: Printed booklet
Interest level: Middle School-High School
Pages Opens to 8-panel foldout
Size: 8.5 x 11

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