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Press Release: New Career Education Products, Programs, and Services

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 7, 2010

Founders of Hollandcodes.com Dr. Mary and Ronald Askew announced that the release of new additions to Paintcareerswithcolors.com & Hollandcodes.com products, training programs, and career advisement services.

A Hollandcodes.com (2009-2010) poll reported that elementary/ middle school teachers and counselors looked for easy to read, simpler to follow, and easier to understand materials.

As a result, Hollandcodes.com expanded the Paintcareerswithcolors.com CD Collections.

The Paintcareerswithcolors.com CD Collections are geared towards different students or adults

  • Children – Elementary School students
  • RIASEC/ Holland Codes – Elementary/ Middle School students
  • Photo – Elementary/ Middle School students, high school students/ adults with limited reading abilities
  • African American
  • Chinese

The CD Collections have more than 2000 pages of bright, colorful, vivid, clear, and informative Paint Careers With Colors resources –

  • Career Models
  • Career Tests
  • Posters
  • Career Charts
  • Promotional Materials
  • Starter Kit
  • Holland Codes Toolkit
  • Presentational Materials
  • Training Resources

The Hollandcodes.com (2009-2010) poll also stated that elementary school teachers and counselors searched for additional career test administration resources.

In response to the poll, Hollandcodes.com launched two new services –

  • Preview/ Certification Program
  • Career Advisement Service

The Preview and Certification Programs, in-depth training programs, provide teacher and counselors with key career test administration information, career test samples, product discounts, and other benefits.

The Preview and Certification Programs cover the following areas –

  • Unit 1 Lesson 1 – Overview
  • Unit 1 Lesson 2 – Fact Sheets
  • Unit 1 Lesson 3 – Career Model
  • Unit 1 Lesson 4 – Alphabetized Product List
  • Unit 1 Lesson 5 – Step by Step Guide
  • Unit 1 Lesson 6 – Educational Games
  • Unit 2 Lesson 1 – Foundational CD-ROM
  • Unit 2 Lesson 2 – Kids Job Test
  • Unit 2 Lesson 3 – Occupational Posters
  • Unit 3 Lesson 1 – Training Resources CD-ROM
  • Unit 4 Lesson 1 – Promotional Starter Kit CD-ROM
  • Unit 5 Lesson 1 – Holland Codes Toolkit CD-ROM
  • Unit 6 Lesson 1 – Powerpoint Presentation CD-ROM

The Career Advisement Service provides Career Advisors for students, adults, teachers, and counselors. Advisors have the following functions –

  • Answer questions about the career test types, features, and prices
  • Interpret the Holland Codes or Paint Careers With Colors career test results
  • hundreds of experts

Experts share information about –

  • Career Likes
  • Career Dislikes
  • Ideal Career Profile
  • Ideal Career Path

Hollandcodes.com specializes in helping you match your interests, abilities, and skills to right career and college major program.

For more information,

Web Sites: http://www.Hollandcodes.com
& http://www.Paintcareerswithcolors.com

Follow us : http://www.facebook.com/hollandcodes &

Samples – http://www.scribd.com/hollandcodes
Certification and Preview Programs –

PHONE. 602-569-1050
EMAIL: hollandcodes(at)gmail(dot)com

Free Downloads

Hollandcodes.com has FREE Download Samples  –

  • Paint Careers With Colors Career Test
  • Bingo Card Sets for Adults and Children
  • Counselors, Parents, and Teachers Curriculum Guidebook
  • Curriculum Powerpoint
  • Clip Art Posters for Adults and Children
  • Photo Posters for Adults and Children
  • Poster Scoring System
  • Unlock the Treasure Chest (Adult)
  • Unlock Your Treasure Chest (Children)

Holland Codes Toolkit CD-ROMS

The Toolkit CD-ROMS have career exploration assessment tools that utilize the Holland Occupational Code career planning model. The resources have career exploration classroom activities, career planning curriculum, educational career assessments, and educational resources that introduce information about Holland Codes, careers, and colleges.

The Toolkit CD-ROMS are visual learning techniques that are fast, quick, and easy ways to introduce careers and Holland Codes.

The benefits of the Toolkit CD-ROMS are –

  • Eye appealing – Is a colorful presentation
  • Easy to use – Facilitates learning through the use of graphics
  • Comprehensive – Shows the relationships between careers, interests, and Holland Codes
  • Easy to understand – Simplifies the understanding of career exploration and the Holland Codes
    • Easy scoring – Sorts quickly according to likes and dislikes
    • Reproducible

The Toolkit CD-ROMS are used to –

  • Provide career exploration classroom activities for middle school students, children, kids, and adults who learn best using visual resources
  • Identify Steps in the Career Planning Process
  • Identify characteristics of Holland Personality Types
  • Identify Holland Codes
  • Sort occupations according to Holland Codes
  • Explore Holland Code web sites
  • Explore careers and career web sites
  • Explore college majors and college major web sites
  • Match college majors to Holland Codes
  • Record results from assessments and occupational web sites

The Toolkit CD-ROMS organizes and analyzes information. Children, youth, and adults –

  • See how Holland Codes are connected to careers
  • Realize how careers can be grouped and organized

The Toolkit CD-ROMS also improves –

  • Attention Span and Concentration: holds audience’s attention and helps people absorb information
  • Memory Skills and Understanding: improves ability to absorb information
  • Speed of Learning: reduces the time it takes to complete career tests.

Use the Toolkit CD-ROMS at –

  • Schools
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • YMCA/ YWCA Programs
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Kids Go To Work Days
  • Career Days
  • Summer School Programs

The Toolkit CD-ROMS is an excellent career test for Elementary School Students and for other people –

  • Who are In ESL/GED programs
  • Who have limited reading ability
  • Who have limited knowledge of English
  • Who are developmentally delayed
  • Who are learning disabled
  • Who have special needs
  • Who have limited access to education
  • Who are chronically unemployed

My Career Profile – Bulk Price Sale

The MCP Guidance System is a Holland career self assessment test that provides information on interests, values, skills, personalities, Holland Codes, 1200+ occupations, and 6000 schools.

Overview of MCP Guidance System

Discover your –

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Skills
  • Personality

Get information on –

  • Holland Codes
  • 1200+ Occupations
  • 6000+ Schools

The My Career Profile Guidance System is –

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Tested, proven, and dependable
  • Excellent resources

The MCP Guidance System has the following resources:

  • Self-Analysis (Exploration) System
  • Career Exploration Resources
  • Career Search Tools
  • Portfolio Creator Tools
  • College Search Database

Self-Analysis System

interest inventory

1. My Interests Inventory

The My Interests Inventory generates a 3-letter Holland Codes and provides Interest Level Scores for the six (6) Holland Personality Types.

The Inventory provides a detailed description for each of the Holland Personality Types.

The Interests, Skills, Values, and Personality Inventories generate Occupational Lists. You can access, review, and redo the Interests, Skills, Values, and Personality Inventories.

research careers

Research Career Tool

Research a career. The Research Career Tool creates Occupational Lists from a database of 1200+ occupations. The Occupational List has options to sort occupations. Each Occupational List provides information on –

  • Overview
  • Job duties
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Outlook
  • Earnings
  • Advancement
  • Working Conditions
  • Interest (Holland Codes) Scores
  • Areas of Study
  • Training or Educational Levels
  • School Search Tools

The Research a Career Tool allows you to research careers by name or Industry Group. The Industry Groups are –

  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media
  • Building and Ground Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Business and Financial Operations
  • Community and Social Services
  • Computer, Information Technology and Mathematics
  • Construction and Extraction
  • Education, Training and Library
  • Farming, Fishing, and Forestry
  • Food Preparation and Serving
  • Healthcare Practitioners and Technology
  • Healthcare Support
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Legal
  • Life, Physical, and Social Science
  • Management
  • Military
  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Personal Care and Service
  • Production
  • Protective Service
  • Sales and Related
  • Transportation and Materials Moving

college search

School Tool

The School Tool obtains school from a database of 6000+ post-secondary institutions. The School Tool searches for schools according to the following criteria –

  • Major Areas of Study
  • Region in the USA
  • Type of School
  • Location of School
  • Name of School
  • Size and Cost

college search2

1. Location of School

Do you want to go to college in a large city, large town, or rural area? Find a college that matches your criteria!

The Location of School Tool searches for schools based upon –

  • Locale or Degree of Urbanization
  • Region
  • My Skills Inventory
  • My Personality Inventory

The Locale or Degree of Urbanization categories are –

  • Large city
  • Mid-size city
  • Large town
  • Small town
  • Rural

The Regional component narrows the school options according to the following geographic regions:

  • New England
  • Mid East
  • Great Lakes
  • Plains
  • South East
  • South West
  • Rocky Mountain
  • West Coast
  • Outside US

The States section allows you to select a college from a specific state.

2. Enrollment and Cost

How much do you want to pay for tuition?

What is your preference for the number of students enrolled at the college?

The Enrollment and Costs sections outline detailed school information that matches your criteria!

school web site

3. Type of School

Do you want to attend a –

  • Certificate Program
  • Community College
  • Four-Year College/ University
  • Public School
  • Private School
  • School with a Religious Affiliation

Find the school that meets your needs. The Type of School section selects schools that match the factors that you select.

4. Major Areas of Study

Are you looking for a school that offers a specific college major? The Major Areas of Study section focuses on schools from the following areas –

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Business, Management, and Marketing
  • Communication and Journalism
  • Communication Technology
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Construction Trades
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Technologies
  • English Language and Literature
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • Health and Clinical Sciences
  • History
  • Legal Professions
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Library Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mechanics and Repair
  • Military Technologies
  • Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies
  • Personal and Culinary Services
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Physical Sciences
  • Precision Production
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration and Social Service
  • Science Technologies
  • Security and Protective Services
  • Social Services
  • Theology and Religion
  • Transportation and Materials Moving
  • Visual and Performing Arts

The Schools can be saved to create a Custom School List.

All lists can be printed and saved for future reference.

value inventory

2. My Values Inventory

Find out the things that are important to you, for example –

  • Helping Society
  • Artistic Creativity
  • Helping Others
  • Independence
  • Prestige
  • Risk Taking
  • Stability
  • Working Outdoors

The My Values Inventory provides a detailed description for each of the Values.

The My Values Inventory matches occupations to your Values and generates Occupational Lists.

skills inventory

3. My Skills Inventory

Know the things that you are good at, for example –

  • Communication Skills
  • People Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Creative and Artistic Skills
  • Scientific Skills

The My Skills Inventory provides a detailed description for each of the Skills.

The My Skills Inventory matches occupations to your Skills and generates Occupational Lists.

personality inventory

4. My Personality Inventory

Discover your Personality. My Personality Inventory assesses your personality, matches occupations to your Personality, and generates Occupational Lists.

Career Exploration Tools

Explore careers and the matching –

  • Overview
  • Job duties
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Outlook
  • Earnings
  • Advancement
  • Working Conditions
  • Interest (Holland Codes) Scores
  • Areas of Study
  • Training or Educational Levels
  • School Search Tools

In the My Career Profile Guidance System, the Career Exploration Tools include the Research a Career and Combining Your Assessments Tools.

The bulk costs for the My Career Profile Guidance System are –

  • 10 Profiles – $500 ($50/Profile)
  • 20 Profiles – $900 ($45/Profile)
  • 30 Profiles – $1200 ($40/Profile)

To order the My Career Profile Guidance System, click on the link.

Paint Careers With Colors Test & Posters

Paint Careers With Colors Career Test
The Paint Careers With Colors Career Test uses self-by-step activities, career games for kids, and kids’ activities to highlight Holland Codes or Paint Careers With Colors Codes.

On each page, you choose the careers that you like or are interested in.

At the end of the career test for kids, you summarize your results.

The Summary Sheet identifies your Holland Codes or Paint Careers With Colors Codes.

The Paint Careers With Colors Career Test comes with a Paint Careers With Colors Career Model and Paint Careers With Colors Code or Holland Code Descriptions.

The Paint Careers With Colors Career Test is an excellent tool to introduce children to –

  • Career exploration
  • Holland Codes
  • Paint Careers With Colors Codes

The graphics hold the child’s attention as they identify their career interests.

Paint Careers With Colors Posters

Over three hundred (300) Paint Careers With Colors Posters feature –

Holland Codes
Paint Careers With Colors Codes

The Paint Careers With Colors Posters are easy scoring.

You sort the posters quickly according to likes and dislikes.

At the end of the poster sorting exercise, you will have your Holland Code and Paint Careers With Colors Code.

The posters are an excellent way to explore careers.

The poster shows you’re the relationship between Holland Codes, Paint Careers With Colors Codes, and careers.

Paint Careers With Colors Poster Color Key

The Paint Careers With Colors Color Chart shows all of the information listed on the posters:

Job Titles
Paint Careers With Color Codes
3 letter Holland Codes
Paint Careers With Colors Poster Numbers

The Foundational CD ROM holds all of the key ingredients to begin using the Paint Careers With Colors System.

Press Release Grand Opening: EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 14, 2009

Elementary Children Picture Careers in Vivid Color With HollandCodes.com Premier Career Resources Site

Elementary Children Picture Careers in Vivid Color With HollandCodes.com Premier Career Resources Site

Early career exploration easy for even the youngest courtesy newly unveiled HollandCodes.com and PaintCareersWithColors.com

For Immediate Release

PHOENIX/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 14, 2009 — Founder of HollandCodes.com Dr. Mary Askew affirms an elementary school curriculum experts report that indicates students in their elementary school years are not too young to begin building an awareness of the world of work. A program geared towards the younger age groups is now available at PaintCareersWithColors.com.

“Elementary school teachers and counselors look for career exploration resources that are aimed at developmental level of the students,” stated Askew. “Elementary school teachers and counselors prefer career picture tests.”

A poll conducted of elementary school teachers and counselors by HollandCodes.com (2007-2009) reported that career test with pictures –

  • Are bright, colorful, enjoyable, and interesting
  • Are very interesting, vivid, clear, and informative
  • Attract different students’ attention
  • Stimulate career exploration and conversation

“Picture career tests display careers in an interesting and exciting way – designed to generate discussion,” added Askew. “Picture tests are easy to read, simpler to follow, and easier to understand than career test with words or other interest inventories. Career picture tests focus on building career awareness in elementary school students.”

Additional information about the Hollandcodes.com Grand Opening Event is available from Dr. Mary Askew by calling 602-569-1050 or by visiting HollandCodes.com. Career tests, books, sales and free product demos are available.

HollandCodes.com and PaintCareersWithColors.com

HollandCodes.com presents a variety of resources focused on exploring careers, college majors, career clusters, O*NET codes, and Holland occupational codes. Information is available on assessments, classroom activities, Web sites, books, CD-ROMS, and other resources. Hollandcodes.com has just released Paint Careers With Colors, an elementary school education program which uses vibrant graphics, photos, and activities to build awareness of career interests and the world of work.

For more information, visit PaintCareersWithColors.com.

Dr. Mary Askew
HTML: http://www.eworldwire.com/pressreleases/211207
PDF: http://www.eworldwire.com/pdf/211207.pdf
MOBILE: http://e4mobile.com/view_release.php?id=211207
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Dr. Mary Askew
Learning for Life Resource Center
PHONE. 602-569-1050

SOURCE: Learning for Life Resource Center

Gotomeeting – Key to Finding the Right Career Test

Hollandcodes.com uses Gotomeeting to demonstrate the Paint Careers With Colors System. The results were awesome!!!!!

Gotomeeting is a Web conferencing tool that allows you to meet online rather than in a conference room.

1. Choose between VoIP and phone conferencing or allow both options for audio.

2. Use your computer to watch overview of different career tests.

3. To schedule a Teleconference, complete the form below.

4. We will send you an e-mail giving you a list of teleconference times.

To schedule a teleconference, go to http://www.hollandcodes.com/questions.html

Check out our first Youtube video!!!

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