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Finding a Job Career Test

A Holland Code job career test helps you find career job opportunities, career job descriptions, and career search sites. With a job career test, you test your own job aptitude.Select the right career assessment, look at the –

  • Format – printed and interest resources, CD-ROM,
  • Types: Job career questionnaire test, job personality tests, career job finders, career counseling tests, career placement test, career assessment tests, and career choice tests
  • Cost – $10, $12, $15, $20 or $50
  • Resources that are available – Career job descriptions, career job opportunities, college majors information, job finder resources, career clusters information, holland code careers
  • Grade Levels

Holland career self assessment tests use Holland Codes to link vocational interests to job families. Holland assessments use a two or three-letter RIASEC or Holland Occupational Codes. Different Holland Code job career questionnaire tests provide information on the relationship between job personalities and key characteristics, college majors, hobbies, abilities, and related careers.

Types of Career Tests

The Holland Code career self assessment tests are:

Comprehensive, Validated, Reliable Tests:

Low Cost, Informal Tests:

Children, Limited Reading Ability, or Special Needs Tests:

With the purchase of any job career test, you get free Holland resources

Using Holland Codes Toolkit

The Paint Careers With Colors and Holland Codes Resource Tool Kit are visual learning techniques that are fast, quick, and easy ways to introduce careers and Holland Codes.

The benefits of the Paint Careers With Colors and Holland Codes Resource Tool Kit are –

  • Eye appealing – Is a colorful presentation
  • Easy to use – Facilitates learning through the use of graphics
  • Comprehensive – Shows the relationships between careers, interests, and Holland Codes
  • Easy to understand – Simplifies the understanding of career exploration and the Holland Codes
  • Easy scoring – Sorts quickly according to likes and dislikes
  • Reproducible

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