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Social Media promotes social networking, the process of using already existing contacts to meet new people as potential social or business links.

Social Media helps you –

  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Provide 24/7 access to needed information and resources
  • Engage and connect with clients, students, customers, family, and friends,
  • Create environments or Personal Learning Networks where you can collaborate
  • Express critical thinking, innovation, and creativity

What is the focus of social media tools?

According to Michael Wu, Ph.D., two major types of media tools: Social Networks and Online Communities.

  • Social Networks are built upon pre-established relationships. People maintain old relationships and add new relationships to expand the network.
  • Online Communities are a virtual community of members or people that use the Internet to interact, communicate, or pursue shared interests.

Examples of Social Media Tools

Here are the examples, highlights, descriptions, illustrations, and contact information of social media resources –

  • Resource One: Facebook
  • Resource Two: Google+
  • Resource Three: Twitter
  • Resource Four: Linkedin
  • Resource Five: Hootsuite
  • Resource Six: Graphics – Infographics & Pinterest
  • Resource Seven: Evernote – note taking and archiving software
  • Resource Eight: Slideshare – document, PDF, video and webinar
  • Resource Nine: Issuu – digital publishing platform
  • Resource Ten: Prezi – cloud-based presentation software
  • Resource Eleven: Scribd – web and mobile device online library
  • Resource Twelve: Wordle – word cloud generator software
  • Resource Thirteen: Blogs – Blogger and WordPress
  • Resource Fourteen: MOOC

Resource One: Facebook

Facebook has 70,000 users, 3 million daily page views and 90 million monthly page views.

Bloghubspot.com has an excellent tutorial and video on how to set up a Fan Page –

Jorgen Sunberg outlined Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages for Job Seekers – http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/top-10-facebook-fan-pages-job-seekers-and-career-minded-folk/

  1. Career Savvy
  2. com Job Searching
  3. Tim’s Strategy
  4. Expat Coach Megan
  5. Punk Rock HR
  6. Personal Branding Guy
  7. Keppie Careers
  8. Windmill Networking
  9. Wise Man Say
  10. The Undercover Recruiter

NACE created a Career Counselor’s Guide to Facebook in the job search.

Hollandcodes.com uses Facebook to display information about a variety of career development and social media topics.

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