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Here are some review of the Paint Careers With Colors System

We used all three of your wonderful career training materials Paint with Colors, Picture Inventory Codes, and Holland’s Self Directed Search for children in K-12 settings in mainland China and met with tremendous success! Our company InterLangua was asked to establish Career Guidance with the YuCai Group Education Consortium (Shenzhen). Prior to this, Chinese families in the school would get together and decide what would interest their child. There was little formal exploration and matching of interests and abilities, rather, a seemingly rote list of jobs and titles that were typical and practical.

From Elisabeth Montgomery, Ph.D. – InterLangua, LLC (Shenzhen, P.R. China)

Great materials for training in life skills! The easy to use, visual, job posters, games, and career tests provide a wealth of ideas and discussions for us as career facilitators, and for teachers and parents. We now have a common vocabulary with which to steer children into worlds of discovery despite language and cultural barriers to career exploration. After our training, not only were youngsters able to identify jobs they wanted to do in the future, but middle school kids explored their current interests on deeper levels and talked to their parents about new jobs in emerging fields.

From Sun Wei Hong – Quality Director, InterLangua LLC (Shenzhen, P.R. China)

One of our Chinese students, applying for top 10 colleges in the USA wrote, “Another thing I really liked about the Holland Code test was how it offered a description of what kind of personalities and characteristics were suitable for different jobs. It helped me find my match more easily and led me to think more about what kind of person I really was and whether my ideal job was really a good match for my personality traits.”

From: Wei Xiou Yang – senior student at Shenzhen Foreign Language School.

Using your Holland SDS materials at InterLangua’s Trainings, college youth found more clarity in planning their college goals. One graduate student in finance wrote:“This is extremely useful for those who are planning their career, looking for jobs or thinking about changing jobs. Holland codes SDS helps them identify their potential domain and help them to achieve their goals more quickly therefore happily! It really serves as a compass which guides people to the direction of success.”

From Cao Xiao Zhou “Ben” – graduate student, Paris High-Technology Poly-technic.

To get more information about our products – Paint Careers With Colors, Picture Interest Inventory, and Self Directed Search.

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