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Elementary Children Picture Careers in Vivid Color With HollandCodes.com Premier Career Resources Site

Elementary Children Picture Careers in Vivid Color With HollandCodes.com Premier Career Resources Site

Early career exploration easy for even the youngest courtesy newly unveiled HollandCodes.com and PaintCareersWithColors.com

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PHOENIX/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 14, 2009 — Founder of HollandCodes.com Dr. Mary Askew affirms an elementary school curriculum experts report that indicates students in their elementary school years are not too young to begin building an awareness of the world of work. A program geared towards the younger age groups is now available at PaintCareersWithColors.com.

“Elementary school teachers and counselors look for career exploration resources that are aimed at developmental level of the students,” stated Askew. “Elementary school teachers and counselors prefer career picture tests.”

A poll conducted of elementary school teachers and counselors by HollandCodes.com (2007-2009) reported that career test with pictures –

  • Are bright, colorful, enjoyable, and interesting
  • Are very interesting, vivid, clear, and informative
  • Attract different students’ attention
  • Stimulate career exploration and conversation

“Picture career tests display careers in an interesting and exciting way – designed to generate discussion,” added Askew. “Picture tests are easy to read, simpler to follow, and easier to understand than career test with words or other interest inventories. Career picture tests focus on building career awareness in elementary school students.”

Additional information about the Hollandcodes.com Grand Opening Event is available from Dr. Mary Askew by calling 602-569-1050 or by visiting HollandCodes.com. Career tests, books, sales and free product demos are available.

HollandCodes.com and PaintCareersWithColors.com

HollandCodes.com presents a variety of resources focused on exploring careers, college majors, career clusters, O*NET codes, and Holland occupational codes. Information is available on assessments, classroom activities, Web sites, books, CD-ROMS, and other resources. Hollandcodes.com has just released Paint Careers With Colors, an elementary school education program which uses vibrant graphics, photos, and activities to build awareness of career interests and the world of work.

For more information, visit PaintCareersWithColors.com.

Dr. Mary Askew
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