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Question from S.K., a Career Counselor, Larkollen, Norway:

What products will be useful in my job as a career counselor?


We would recommend the following products -

Internet Assessment Tests

sds/SDSR.JPGSelf-Directed Search Form R

( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/sdsr.html ) –
Tested, proven, and dependable Career Test – Used by over 22 million people worldwide

logo_mbti_color.gifMyers Briggs Type Indicator

( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/mbti.html )
The most widely used personality assessment in the world

logo-strong-color.JPGStrong Interest Inventory
( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/strong.html )
The most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world

Printed Assessment Tests

sds/SDSR.JPGSelf-Directed Search Form R Assessment and Finder
( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/sdsr.html )

Reference Books

books/DHOC3RD.JPG The Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes

( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/dictionary.html ) –
The most extensive listing of Holland codes and occupations.

books/makingvocationalchoices.JPG Making Vocational Choices

( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/vocational-choices.html ) –
Reference book outlining fundamentals of the Holland Code Career Model

practguide.jpg Holland Career Materials: A Practitioner’s Guide
( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/practitioner-guide.html ) –
Reference guide providing practical applications for the Holland Code Career Model

sds/technicalSDSR.JPGSDS Technical Manual

( http://career-assessments-tools.hollandcodes.com/sdstechnicalmanual.html ) –
Reference guide describing the history of the SDS, development of the 4th edition, and research and technical information about all four forms of the SDS (R,E,CP, and Career Explorer)

These products are available at the Hollandcodes.com Store. The Store accepts payments from International Customers (including Norway).

Read more about Holland Code products for International Customers.....

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