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kuder general interest survey

The Kuder Career Planning System and Make a Career Profile (MCP) are college by major job career tests. The systems have –

  • Career Job test
  • Job personality test
  • Career planning survey
  • Career job finder
  • Career search sites
  • College major search engine
  • Career job descriptions
  • Holland Code careers

Kuder Career Planning System

The Kuder college major information programs include –

  • College Major and Instructional Program Search – for learning more about a major as well as the postsecondary options within your state.
  • College Major Search and Comparison – for researching approximately 7,000 postsecondary colleges, universities, education training centers, and other institutions.
  • Financial Aid Information and Scholarship Search – for understanding your college financing options.

In addition to the college by major programs, Kuder has –

  • Kuder Career Search with Person Match or Kuder Test Survey
  • Kuder Skills Test
  • Career Clusters Information
  • Super’s Work Values Inventory-Revised
  • Online Career Portfolio
  • Resume builder
  • Education Planner – for planning coursework and tracking educational progress
  • Planning Timeline – for career education planning with a suggested sequence of events
  • Note Taker – for documenting the career development planning
  • Occupation Search and Career Comparison – for career exploration by cluster, title, or Holland Code

Regular Cost: $19.95 Sale Price $18.00

Navigational tools

Make a Career Profile (MCP)

The Make a Career Profile (MCP) has choose a major in college search engine. The college major search engine provides college major information from 6000+ post-secondary institutions. The College by Major tool searches for schools according to the following criteria –

  • Name of School
  • Location of School
  • Region in the USA
  • Type of School
  • Size and Cost
  • Major Areas of Study

In the MCP college major search database, you can find the best college major that requires the completion of a certificate, 2 year, and four year educational programs, including community college search by major options.

If you are looking for major for college in a specific geographic area, the MCP allow you the option of choosing a major in college by region or state.

Finally, since the cost of education is a factor, the MCP choosing a major in college according to college or other training program costs.


Make a Career Profile (MCP) provides an extensive career job descriptions from a database of 1200+ occupations. From this database, you will find your dream job by college major.

MCP tests are reusable. You can redo the tests as many times as you like

COST for Make a Career Profile: $50/ Sale Price $40

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