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Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant were eye-openers that helped me to understand how to be more financially successful. The books provided principles that are a “Must Read” for any one who want to get out of debt, do not want to get into debt, or want to be financially successful.

Make a decision become financially successful. This system will revolutionize your life!!

I highly recommend the First Four. The principles in the books are life-changing.

Own the first 4 best-selling Rich Dad books for only $45.00.

You will receive:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant
  • Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing
  • Rich Dad’s Rich Kid Smart Kid

From Dr. Mary Askew, Hollandcodes.com


Do you want answers to questions about debt cancellation, job security, financial security, and financial freedom. Join the Rich Dad Forum. Get answers to your questions.

Get Keys to Financial Success

Learn strategies that will lead you toward financial freedom.

Learn how to become a financial genius.

Learn how to manage risk. Risk can be virtually eliminated.

Learn how to make money work for you.

Learn success management skills.

Learn how the rich handle money.

Master the power of money.

Learn steps to become a business owner and an investor. Learn the 7 types of investors.

Ask yourself – Is working hard for 40 years as an employee the right approach to financial success? Is there another way?

Get answers to the questions –

  • How do the rich avoid paying taxes?
  • What is financial literacy?
  • What is financial intelligence?
  • What is the difference between an asset and a liability?
  • What is the difference between job security, financial security, and financial freedom?
  • What is the right type of financial investment?
  • What key areas do you need to understand to become financial successful?
  • Which CASHFLOW Quadrant do you generate income from?

Start listening to the Rich Dad’s Classic Audiobooks. This set includes the abridged audio book versions of:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant
  • Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

The these books are the first 3 best-selling books in the Rich Dad Series on tape. In each audiotape, there is a wealth of information.

Make an Investment in Your Children’s Future.

In 2001, more young people declared bankruptcy than graduated from college – The American Bankruptcy Institute

Give your teen Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens and protect their financial future! Picking up where school leaves off, Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens is the secret weapon for gaining the freedom to create the wealth you want. No matter what your grades are, you ARE smart enough to thrive financially – and it is never too early to begin your financial education.

Begin today teaching your children how to be financial successful. Get the Rich Dad’s Kids Package. Get your child off to the right start with the CASHFLOW for Kids board game and CASHFLOW for Kids at Home E-Game and get Rich Dad’s Rich Kid Smart Kid book for free! Total package savings of $15.95.

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Resources are available in Spanish.

El Cuadrante del Flujo De Dinero

Este libro se trata de la eleccion de nuevas opciones, nuevos horizontes, y un nuevo futuro financiero.

Padre Rico Padre Pobre

Qué les enseñan los ricos a sus hijos, que la clase media y pobre no.(Spanish)


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