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The Holland Codes Photo Toolkit

  • Are excellent tools for visual learners
  • Are supplements to Holland Code Assessments
  • Introduce Holland Codes and occupations
  • Show the relationships between Holland Codes and occupations

The Holland Codes Photo Toolkit is used to –

  • Provide career exploration classroom activities for middle school students, children, and kids
  • Identify Steps in the Career Planning Process
  • Identify characteristics of Holland Personality Types
  • Identify Holland Codes
  • Sort occupations according to Holland Codes
  • Explore Holland Code web sites
  • Explore careers and career web sites
  • Explore college majors and college major web sites
  • Match college majors to Holland Codes
  • Record results from assessments and occupational web sites

The Holland Codes Photo Toolkit has –

  • 109 page Holland Code Resource Guide
  • Eight (8) Holland Code Crossword Puzzles
  • 100 Holland Codes Occupational Poster Cards
  • 100 Holland Codes Bingo Cards
  • Flash Cards
  • Career Model Overview
  • On-Line Holland Code Resources including –
    • Career exploration lesson plans
    • Computer based career exploration

Details about the Holland Codes Photo Toolkit.

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